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Long, Heavy Forming

Van Loon Industries' Long, Heavy Forming facility is located in Clinton Township, Michigan. With its multiple press brakes, the largest being 750 tons, we can precisely form up to 3/4" steel at its full length of 22 feet. Our other brakes include a 16 foot, 400 ton as well as smaller brakes to accommodate a wide range of forming needs.

Van Loon Industries' business model allows for continuous investment in state-of-the-art custom tooling and extends the competitive advantage to our clients. Our long list of tooling includes a myriad of round bars as well as long punches and multiple gooseneck tools up to 16" deep. If your project requires an unusually large bottom die, our custom made adjustable bottom die opens to a massive 15" wide.

The Clinton Township facility also houses our large Amada flying optic laser, allowing Van Loon Industries to not only form but also laser cut your oversized product. Boasting an 80" wide bed, this laser can cut parts up to 22 feet long to match the capacity of our large press brakes. While plate lasers may offer longer and wider options, the flying optic system combines the size of a plate laser with the speed of smaller quicker machines. We can even laser cut tubes, channels and other structural shapes up to 8” high. If your project requires large laser cutting or forming, give our experienced staff a call to discuss how we can help.

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